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It has excellent durability and safety.

Equipped with a high temperature / dry heating prevention function and temperature controlled by a high-precision bimetal thermostat, it has excellent “durability and safety” such as longer machine life and fewer failures than the digital method.

Realized energy saving and comfort.

A polyethylene-coated heater with excellent chemical resistance and insulation resistance is built in the lower part of the main body (container). Since it is a heating method that conducts heat directly to the liquid, it prevents unnecessary power from diverging and realizes the most heat-efficient “energy saving”. It also enables quiet and safe “comfort” because there are no unpleasant electronic sounds or noises.

It has a simple structure and is easy to handle.

The container can be full up to 5 liters. Fix the main body (container) at a height of 1.2m to 2m, turn on the power plug, the ON lamp will light up, and heating will start. The built-in thermostat can automatically maintain the liquid temperature at a temperature close to body temperature (about human skin). No complicated settings or operations are required, so you can use it with confidence.

The grip is adjusted so it is easy to use and safe.

By attaching a “cleaning beak tube (sold separately)” dedicated to the hose, the arm of the beak tube can be easily manually operated with one hand. The flow rate of the cleaning liquid flowing by the drop method can be delicately controlled by the grip of the grip to delicately control the opening and closing, and the target part can be safely cleaned and treated. In addition, the beak tube part can be replaced as a consumable item, so it is hygienic.

To take advantage of the excellent durability and safety of the product.

Precautions for use(With Japanese subtitles)

Precautions for use

Main uses

Medical cleaning

It is used for disinfection treatment in obstetrics and gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, emergency outpatient department, long-term care facility, etc.

Long-term care cleaning

It is used for treatment of bedsores, cleaning when changing diapers, and hygiene cleaning for home and medical care such as on-bed hair washing.

Home care cleaning

It is used for various medical cleaning applications in home medical care, as well as for home care cleaning such as atopy, hay fever, and stoma care.

Pet care cleaning

By using the bidet enema drug resistant enhanced model and washing your pet with hypochlorous acid water, you can remove the animal-specific odor and improve the coat.
It can also be used to eliminate the smell of cat litter. It is also effective for brushing your teeth.

Product Specifications

Electric Insulation Cleaner Bidet Enema ¥91,520(tax included)

Name Electric heat insulation washer
Actual capacity 5 liters
Power AC 100V / 500W (also compatible with 220V / 500W for export and overseas)
External dimensions (approx.) mm Diameter 155 mm, height 415 mm
Body weight (approx.) Kg 1.6kg
Cord length (approx.) m 2.7m
Safety device Forced shutoff of heater (temperature fuse 77 ℃)


The size, material, structure, etc. of the A type and B type are the same, only the water injection direction is different.

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