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The number of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis continues to increase, and usually, steroids and other anti-itch drugs are used to treat atopic dermatitis, but since this steroid has side effects, hypochlorous acid water has been used in recent years. Many clinics are recommended. Using the bidet enema chemical resistance enhanced model, spraying hypochlorous acid water on the affected area of ​​atopy kills Staphylococcus aureus, which is the cause of itching. By killing this bacterium, it is possible to suppress itching, which is the biggest problem of atopy, and to promote the regeneration of the skin, which is the action of hypochlorous acid water. Hypochlorous acid water is used not only for atopy treatment but also for athlete’s foot treatment.
*Chemical resistance enhanced model, strong acid water can be used.

Hay fever

It is thought that the symptoms of hay fever (pollen allergy) will be alleviated by the amount that pollen can be removed by washing the inside of the nasal cavity (Biku). If the eyes are itchy, in otolaryngology, allergies, or pediatrics, as needed by the patient, suck out a runny nose (nasal discharge) or inhale a drug solution mixed with antiallergic drugs, saline or steroids. I will do it. The inside of the nasal cavity is cleaned using saline for cleaning.
*Bidet Enema (electric heat insulation Ilrigator), nasal wash only (sold separately).

Stoma care

A stoma is an excretion opening provided in addition to the natural excretion route. If you have rectal cancer near the anus, cancer in the anus, or bladder cancer that requires removal of the bladder and part of the urethra, the stoma of the intestine or ureter may cause the lower abdomen. A stoma is created.
The anus and urethra have a muscle called the sphincter, which controls excrement and patience. However, in a stoma, the excrement produced is gradually excreted regardless of one’s will. For this reason, people with a stoma take a special bag, store it to some extent, and then throw it away. The bag for controlling this excretion is called a stoma bag, and the one that attaches the stoma bag while protecting the skin on the mounting surface is called a skin protectant, and these are collectively called a stoma’s orthotic device.Use Bidet Enema for hygienic cleaning when replacing the stoma bag. The irrigation and defecation method using bidet enema is a hot water colon cleaning method that promotes defecation by injecting lukewarm water from a stoma (see “Warm water colon cleaning”). Although it depends on the person, cleaning the colon will eliminate the anxiety of defecation and exhaust gas because there is no defecation and almost no gas is emitted for 24 to 48 hours. In addition, after washing the intestines, you only need to attach a simple ostomy system to the stoma, and you do not have to worry about skin problems.
*Bidet enema, cleaning cane A type, and C type used.
*Hygienic cleaning of stoma is possible by using C type cleaning.