About Diamond Electric


There are three things that will last forever.
Faith, Hope, and Love.
The best of them is Love.
“With warm water instead of cold water
I want to give you a cleaning treatment. “
Bidet Enema, a long-selling diamond electric heat-retaining washer for more than half a century, has the love of its founder.

Diamond Electric has been steadily adhering to the belief that “Everlasting”, which will last forever, will be made for 70 years.
With the “hand skills” of advanced analog (mechanical) engineers who are familiar with “God dwells in the details”, we pay attention to small parts that do not seem to matter at first glance, and all original high performance that can never be achieved with digital technology. We have manufactured and sold “Bide Enema”, an electric heat-retaining washer (Il Rigator) with a built-in bimetal thermostat, polyethylene film heater, and cleaning tube.
With its ultimate human-friendly structure, ease of use, and unparalleled durability (20 years, 30 years, 40 years), Diamond Electric’s “Bidet Enema” is from Hokkaido to Okinawa. , It has been widely used and favored by many hospitals in Japan such as major university medical schools, hospitals attached to medical colleges, national, public and private hospitals, clinics, etc., and has built up a solid track record and trust “Faith” in medical cleaning treatment.

Towards a new era, after-corona:
Now that the medical field is tight and non-face-to-face and non-contact are required, online digital medical care is rapidly becoming widespread.
As a pioneer of medical cleaners, Diamond Electric has been advocating “analog medical care” along with the development of home health care, which is increasingly needed for after-corona, and our product bidet in each home.・ We propose a wide range of utilization of Enema. In particular, the “treatment” for home treatment and care received in the physical space of our home, which we are accustomed to living in, cannot be obtained through information communication using diagnostic software. You can use it to form bonds in various human relationships.
In addition, it is not an advanced digital medical device that requires special technology, but our analog medical device that is easy to use and can be operated by all the families of patients and the elderly, so it is a happy medical treatment for loved ones. It fulfills the warm feelings of the family, “I always want to be close to you” while watching over my life.
Bidet Enema is not only used for such home medical / nursing care cleaning, but also for various purposes in daily life of family members (ex. Pollinosis cleaning, stoma care, colon cleaning, pet care cleaning, etc.) ) Will also be used, and will greatly contribute to lively health and beauty care.
In this way, Diamond Electric has expanded its business domain from domestic medical users to general and diverse users, and also broadly promotes hygiene and health promotion for people overseas, especially in emerging countries in Asia and Africa. With the aim of becoming a company that contributes to (quality of life), Hygienic Wash, which truly loves and protects people’s lives, is the vision and mission of Diamond Electric, “Hope.”


Company Name Diamond Electric
Address 〒169-0075 4-32-6 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Grace House 5th floor
TEL 03-5331-3351
FAX 03-5331-3350
Founded July 1950
CEO Rika Kanayama
Capital 3 million yen
Business Manufacture and sale of medical equipment


Diamond electricity, the history of a couple’s three-legged race

Chogen Kanayama(1920.7.7- 2009.3.13

Meet an American missionary as a teenager and believe in Jesus Christ. After that, with the desire to know a newer world, he left his hometown and set out alone.
After overcoming various challenges, he studied at the Department of Physics, Tokyo University of Science, and founded Diamond Electric in 1952. Received numerous awards for excellence in achievements at the Tokyo Excellent Invention Exhibition, and obtained nine patents in Japan and overseas.
Putting worship of God first, the inscription on the right is “Seek, and you will be given. Look. Then you will find. Hit the gate. Then you will be opened. Anyone who seeks will receive. , Whoever seeks will find, and whoever knocks on the gate will be opened. ”
While continuing to work for a lifetime, he also contributes to people’s daily health management and provides dietary guidance, Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture, etc.

Toyo Kanayama1935.3.19-2008.12.2

She is a woman of faith who is convinced of the facts he has not yet seen. Married to Chogen in 1955. Believing in her husband’s success and raising three children, she continues to support the long entrepreneurial path until the invention of Nagagen bears fruit.
We accept and entertain all the people we meet, regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or culture. Encourage people with prayer and Bible words to convey the love and hope of God in Jesus Christ.
The biblical word “give you my peace” inscribed on the stone monument of the graveyard in Takao’s Tokyo Cemetery was handwritten by Toyo Kanayama.

1952 The first president, Nagagen Kanayama, founded Diamond Electric.
Together with his wife Toyo, they built Diamond Electric with a three-legged race.
Obtained an electrical equipment manufacturing license from the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Electric blankets are commended for excellent results at the 4th Tokyo Excellent Invention Exhibition.
The electric water heater was commended for its excellent results at the 10th Tokyo Excellent Invention Exhibition.
◆ Acquired domestic and foreign patents, total 9 (Japan, US, France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea) ◆ Utility model, total 3 acquisition ◆ Design right, total 2 acquisition◆ Trademarks ・ Acquired a total of 1

1965 Electric water heaters have passed the technical standards for electrical appliances (Ministry of Trade and Industry Ordinance No. 85, 1958) from the Japan Electrical Appliance and Material Testing Laboratory.

After that, February 1991, November 1995, January 2001 Renewal of pass certification.

1965 Electric water heaters are approved by the Minister of International Trade and Industry for the type of electrical equipment.

After that, the permit was renewed in November 1995.

1990 Received approval from the Director of the Kanto Trade and Industry Bureau for registration under Article 3 of the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law for the electric heating equipment manufacturing business.
2001 The electric water heater is approved by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a temporary deputy Minister of State.
2004 Established Diamond Electric from a private business with the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
2005 Received a third-class medical device manufacturing and sales license and a medical device manufacturing and manufacturing license from the Governor of Tokyo.
2006 Electric water heaters and inspection equipment have obtained a conformity inspection certificate from the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law from the Institute of Electrical Safety and Environment (JET).

Updated every 5 years thereafter.

Rika Kanayama becomes president
Growing up looking at my father’s back.
We are trying to digitize diamond electric appliances and focus on developing a multipurpose washer, but on the contrary, we are fascinated by the analog equipment developed by our father, Chogen.


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